The morning after the night before – Terror in Paris and how the UK is involved.

Last night the world witnessed the most brutal atrocity known to France, moreover Europe, since World War II; reports show that at least one hundred and thirty people are known to have been killed in the six separate attacks in and around Paris, of which were: La Belle Equipe, Le Carillon bar, La Petit Cambodge, La Casa Nostra – a restaurant and the Stade De France.

The so called, ‘Islamic State’, have admitted that they were the perpetrators of the nefarious onslaughts affecting Paris last night, in a bid to wage war against France due to the recent decision of pursuing airstrikes in Syria. This begs the question, do we stop airstrikes in order to protect the homeland? Or continue airstrikes in an attempt to eradicate danger when it can infiltrate into society so easily?

Indeed, it was also yesterday that the world learned of the apparent death of Mohammad Emwazi, coined, “Jihadi John”, by the British Media. The public are led to believe that he was one of the targets during a US-led airstrike according to the Pentagon, who commented that they were, “reasonably certain”, Emwazi was killed during the enforcement. This attack would have been a huge blow to ISIS, fueling their desire and ammunition to hit the Western World further and have more of an impact than they have had previously.

Tributes poured in over night for the maimed and deceased, from the normal people of Paris, citizens and leaders of nations across the world, some of whom are: David Cameron, Putin and President Obama. Some tributes follow, including photographs of monuments around the world lighting up to show solidarity with France:

“This tragedy has become another testimony of terrorism’s barbarity, which poses a challenge to human civilisation,” Russian President Vladimir in alliance with French President, Francois Hollande, who has recently declared a State of Emergency in France. 

“When the city of light goes dark, the rest of the world lights up for them” – #PrayforParis


Many have already said that this situation should not become a Political issue, and that people should be focusing on those affected. Although I can understand that unity, at this moment in time, should be rife rather than playing the, “blame game”, while perhaps seeking new revenge tactics, surely the matter needs to be politicised to prevent – or rather, help prevent anything happening on this scale again?

It is near impossible that these attacks will be completely eliminated, there have been many attempts in order to try and eradicate ISIS, one including tackling them from the root via drone strikes. Despite the former, the retaliation from the opposition has hit harder than ever, and we will retaliate further – elongating the cycle of war which both sides are stimulating – the process of war continues this way. By no means am I suggesting that we should adopt Pacifistic ideals, however, what I am suggesting is that we ditch the airstrikes, use the money being spent on them to tighten security, offer the police money (that has unlawfully been taken away from them) to fund their anti-radicalisaton and crack down projects, as well as filter through hundreds of thousands to find those who are scheming against the moral ideals and beliefs we hold as a nation.

This maybe interpreted as a mini bash at the Conservative government, in fact, it is: money being taken away from sectors, which can aid in combating the rise of extremism underground in countries like the UK is occurring. It is my opinion that if we could redistribute money among all sectors proportionally, each institution would learn how to spend it wisely while acknowledging their priorities, one of such is obviously tackling the growing underground movement that is extremism at home, where one person is arrested everyday on counter terrorism suspicions charges.

It would be great to hear some of your opinions on this matter.

Thank you for reading, my thoughts go out to those affected by the situation in Paris.

Peace, love and solidarity. 

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

The world is with you, France.


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