Bucket List – Achieve by …25

Hi guys, I haven’t blogged in forever because of getting back to college and a pretty busy summer holidays prior to that. Being at such a time in my life when stress levels are infinite and constantly being indecisive about what I want to do, I thought why not make a bucket list?! So here goes (if anything is partially Russia related, it’s a good thing!)

  1. Find another part time job, especially after the two not very good ones I’ve had
  2. Smash my A levels and get into Warwick or the University of Birmingham with my predicted grades (or even better)
  3. Learn how to drive before the age of 20 – I think that’s wishful thinking though considering the amount of money insurance is for young people in Birmingham!
  4. Road-trip somewhere during my the holidays during university!
  5. Learn Russian fluently and visit Russia at least once, for a day at the minimum, before the age of 20.
  6. Finish the rest of travelling around Europe
  7. Build my blog and YouTube Channel
  8. Somehow afford to move out of my house and host so many wonderful dinner parties for my family, because I love them ofc
  9. Become fiercely independent and having to rely on no one, that is if someone doesn’t fall for this lump of thesaurus (I highly doubt)
  10. And if the former doesn’t happen a.k.a. companionship, gatecrash Aisha’s relationships and pretend to be married to her.
  11. Graduate university, find humanitarian work or a placement in Journalism
  12. If not, pursue a PhD in Political Science and Russian (v. expensive)
  13. Meet the Queen and tell her that she’s pretty cool but I don’t agree with having a monarch
  14.  Tell Jeremy Corbyn that he should be realistic – I should take heed of my own advise though too
  15. See Vladimir Putin with my own eyes in REAL LIFE
  16. Ask him how he is and if he thinks I look like Kimmy (Kim Jong Un)
  17. Try and get a job in NATO/EU/House of Commons
  18. Take my mom and dad on a round the world trip, because we love travelling
  19. Design my own house – that’ll probably never happen because who knows if I’ll ever get a mortgage, definitely not getting a pension though!
  20. Go on a mountain hike at least twice a year!
  21. Be happy always!!! (How is that number 21????!!!!)
  22. Cliche, I’m aware, but go skydiving and paragliding
  23. Learn how to read Braille
  24. Publish my own book – even if I have had articles in the newspaper!
  25. I can’t think of anymore….


Hmm… So, that’s pretty much my Bucket List for now in no particular order. All I want from life is to be fiercely happy, independent, self reliant and healthy! As well as to be able to see my family as much as possible!!! Some of those things – well most of them cost a lot of money and during this economic climate it would be realistic to let them go… But maybe I’ll try optimism for a change.

What are your goals?

…I’ll keep on thinking and working towards mine!




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