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The ‘Brexit Election’

‘The Brexit Election' has been coined by political pundits and commentators as the label for Theresa May's (now successfully) proposed election in June, announced this morning (18/04), which she hopes will prevent Labour from voting against the final Brexit agreement and to stop the Liberals from bringing government to a stand-still. But I ask the [...]

America’s government hypocrisy: Is Uncle Sam a sham?

“Six months ago, I revealed that the NSA wanted to listen to the whole world. Now the whole world is listening, and also talking back. And the NSA does not like what it is hearing." [The Guardian 17 December 2013]. The words uttered as the global eye of the media recently focused on Edward Snowden, [...]


In this post I am going to confront something, something which has been lingering for a month or so and haven't fully accepted. In the UK 60% of people who experience depression will relapse, and on this occasion the effects of the depression will be much worse than the first. This is what I have [...]

College – the best and worst experience of my life (so far)

When some people read the title they will think "ugh, no, can't wait to escape the hell hole that is college", but for me when I look back I remember both stressful and fond memories of studying A levels. Although we do have a few months left I'm blogging now because I won't be able to [...]

Why is there an obsession with the way one looks in the South-Asian community?

This blog bost has been inspired by my upset regarding something I experience very regularly within and outside of my own family: body shaming, or perhaps looks shaming all together. I have always been a bit bigger than everyone else - even when I was younger I can remember having my cheeks pulled, being called "tubs" because [...]


"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance"; this is a quote from a man who turned millions of peoples' hopes, dreams and general morale around in one speech: Franklin Delano Roosavelt. Although I knew who Franklin. D Roosavelt (FDR) was, I [...]

Bucket List – Achieve by …25

Hi guys, I haven't blogged in forever because of getting back to college and a pretty busy summer holidays prior to that. Being at such a time in my life when stress levels are infinite and constantly being indecisive about what I want to do, I thought why not make a bucket list?! So here goes [...]