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The ‘Brexit Election’

‘The Brexit Election’ has been coined by political pundits and commentators as the label for Theresa May’s (now successfully) proposed election in June, announced this morning (18/04), which she hopes will prevent Labour from voting against the final Brexit agreement and to stop the Liberals from bringing government to a stand-still. But I ask the […]

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World Mental Health Day

Two years ago this November I was diagnosed with severe depression; I didn’t tell many people because I was ashamed, in addition to being surrounded by views that implied depression wasn’t a real/legitimate illness. Although it took some time, today I can hold my head up high and say that I’m not ashamed of it, […]

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Events in Charlottesville

An unmasked, unruly, and uncivilised event took place yesterday in the state of Virginia; a one thousand plus strong crowd of “Alt Right” demonstrators initially started rallying, with, as you can see, fire lit embers. Although nativity and innocence would draw one to conclude that, “oh, they can’t see in the dark”, hence their carrying […]

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Evaluate the ideological transition of the Soviet Union/Russia between 1970 and the present day.

Many of you know that I have an interest in Russian Relations and therefore decided to do my Extended Project (5000 word essay and presentation) on how Russia (or if) it has changed ideologically between 1970 and the present day. Please read and let me know what you think, especially as results day is soon!! […]

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Marxist view on class inequality

Achieved 36/40 – High A grade. Outline and evaluate the Marxist view of social class inequality (40 marks). Marxists view class as the most vital factor in determining and explaining society’s wealth gap, in addition to why the Bourgeoisie dominate the Proletariat, who are the working class and are exploited by those who own the […]

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Primary Socialisation

Question:   Outline and briefly evaluate the view that individuals learn society’s norms through the process of primary socialisation. Primary Socialisation is the process of gaining norms as we grow up and learn in our infancy; norms are the specific rules that direct human behaviour, for example, having good manners at the dinner table. Primary and […]

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Two years on

Two general elections, a referendum, fourteen official exams and a depression diagnosis are a few of the things I have witnessed and experienced over the past two years, the latter being the topic of this blog post. I wanted to write and let the words flow from my mind onto the computer screen, so that’s […]

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